Young Living® Essential Oils

As part of my treatment strategies, I will suggest the usage of therapeutic essential oils for your treatment. Theresa M. Boutross: Member # 968459

Chase your dreams

Awaken™: Put a calendar invite in your phone to set your intentions on the first day of each month. Place a drop of Awaken on your wrists, breathe deep, and map out the small daily steps you’ll take to slowly but surely complete your goals.

Dream Catcher™: Sometimes life-changing dreams seem nebulous and far away. Add Dream Catcher to a cotton ball and place it in your car vents so anytime you take in this scent, you’ll visualize all your dreams coming true.

Motivation™: Motivation is the name of the game when crunch time comes. Note anytime you find yourself procrastinating—after lunch, on Fridays when you have a hard task to tackle—and diffuse this sidekick scent while you cross off your next task.

Empower yourself

Acceptance™: Accepting, even embracing, whatever the day throws your way will always set you up for success. Add a drop or two of this blend to a washcloth, place it right outside the stream of water as you shower, and let this inviting aroma inspire feelings of acceptance.

Highest Potential™: As you juggle massive goals, family time, and work obligations, make sure you’re inspired around the clock! Infuse your daily body moisturizer with the floral scent of Highest Potential so the aroma constantly reminds you of how capable you are.

Valor®: Reward yourself for a job well done! Now that you’ve done the work, high-five yourself for everything you accomplished by massaging this woodsy, fresh blend into your hands and feet at the end of the day.

Young Living essential oil Valor roller being applied to wrist

Keep calm and carry on

Believe™: Just the way a walk through a breathtaking forest puts you in mind to accomplish anything, the aroma of spruce and fir in this blend will promote feelings of confidence and clarity as well. Open up a bottle of Believe after disappointing news, hard criticism, or roadblocks to finding a moment of calm. And remember—you’ve totally got this!

Forgiveness™: Stuck dwelling on a mistake you made? Rub this blend over your heart and meditate. As your eyes close, remember that each day brings a new chance to start over and try again. It’s true what they say: no feeling (or failure) is final.

Sacred Mountain™: When the to-do list seems akin to climbing mountains, turn to a treat-yourself list. Draw a sudsy bath, add a few drops of this blend, and soak the day away! More ideas for your list could include an early bedtime, a half-day on Friday after a killer week, or a pampering night in.

EN-R-GEE Uplifting and grounding when in trauma response. Diffuse or apply directly and inhale.










Peace & Calming
Soothing and Relaxing to the soul. Diffuse or apply directly and inhale.











“Hot oils” are oils that, when applied to the skin, can cause a hot or burning sensation. YL recommends using a patch test procedure before first use. To perform a patch test, apply 1-2 drops of EO to a patch of skin such as the forearm. Observe that area of skin over the course of 1-2 hours for any noticeable reaction; usually, reactions occur within 5-10 minutes. If you experience a hot or burning sensation or if you develop a rash, add V-6 carrier oil to the affected area as often as needed. Examples of “hot” oils include cinnamon, clove, lemongrass, peppermint, oregano, thyme, Exodus II, and Thieves.

If discomfort or irritation occurs, stop using the EO, and apply V-6 or other carrier oil to the affected area. Never use water in an attempt to flush the oil off the skin, as this may increase discomfort. If a rash occurs this may be a sign of detoxification; drink adequate water to encourage the release and removal of body toxins. Toxins present in petrochemical-based soaps and skin care products, detergents, and perfumes may trigger some of the detoxification reactions. Consider discontinuation of these agents if a reaction occurs. Before using the EO again, perform a patch test (see above) and dilute with a carrier oil as needed. Water drives oil into the skin and the eyes. If EO gets in your eye, flush with a V-6 carrier oil to alleviate any discomfort. Discomfort should be alleviated within minutes. If eye discomfort does not subside within 5 minutes, please seek medical attention. Be aware that some documents suggest diluting the oil with water. YL suggests that you dilute with a carrier oil to ensure that discomfort is alleviated as quickly as possible

YL recommends that you avoid contact with EO’s and sensitive areas such as eyes, ears, genitals, and mucous membranes. If you choose to use the oil in any sensitive area, dilute 1 drop of the essential oil to 5-10 drops of V-6 carrier oil

Proper usage is indicated on each EO label. Please follow the label instructions. The idea of “if a little is good, a lot is better” is not always correct. Essential oils are very potent and powerful– start low and go slow. In most cases 1-2 drops are adequate and using more may waste product. Depending on the EO you can gradually build up to 3-4 uses per day if desired. Excessive use of essential oils may increase the risk for adverse reactions.

White Angelica
Promotes feelings of Protection and Security

As with any medical condition it is strongly recommended that, before the use of essential oils, you seek the advice and recommendation of a competent, trained health care advisor who is experienced in EO usage.





Many EOs are appropriate for use with children, and they should be diluted before use. Some YL products are pre-diluted with a carrier oil as indicated on the product label and are intended for direct application on children. Children generally respond well to EO, and the use of carrier oil is recommended. One-2 drops of EO such as SleepyIze, RutaVala, Gentle Baby, and Peace & Calming may be diluted in a carrier oil and applied to the bottom of the feet.

Some EOs, especially citrus oils, contain natural molecules that react with sunlight (UV light) and cause a sensitivity reaction. All YL EOs and oil blends that contain these compounds are labeled with a warning to avoid sun/UV light for 12 to 48 hours after applying. Caution should always be used when starting to use a new oil: use patch testing (see above), dilute and apply the oil to skin that is protected from sun/UV exposure to reduce the risk of sensitivity. YL beauty and cosmetic products are formulated to remove sun-sensitizing agents to reduce the risk of sun sensitivity.

If you have a disease or medical condition, or if you are using a prescription medication, it is recommended that you seek the advice of the prescribing physician and a pharmacist about potential interactions between the medication(s) and the essential oil(s).

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