Book Recommendations for Children Experiencing Divorce


Vicki Lansky’s Divorce Book for Parents 
– Vicki Lansky
Helping your children cope with divorce and its aftermath


How Does It Feel When Your Parents Get Divorced?
– Terry Berger
A young girl deals with anger, fear and sadness; includes pictures to help express these feelings that resulted from parental separation

My Mom and Dad Are Getting A Divorce
– Florence Bienfeld
Comic strip form dialogue about the feelings and experiences of young children when parents divorce

Dinosaurs Divorce
– Brown
An excellent book presenting specific issues about divorce and separation with directness, humor and imagination. Engaging illustrations about a dinosaur family add to the affect of this book.

Dear Mr. Henshaw
– Beverly Cleary
An Award winning book about a 10 year old boy who writes letters to an unmet hero describing how he misses his father.

The Boys and Girls Book About Divorce
– Richard Gardner
The author speaks directly to boys and girls about the feelings they may experience when their parents get divorced

The Divorce Workbook
– Sally Ives, David Fassler and Michele Lash
For Parents and Children to use together; it explains separation, divorce, amd remarriage; space is provided for drawing and coloring.

All About Change
– Kathy Kagy-Taylor and Donna Marmer
Helpful in thinking about the inevitability of change. Raises awareness about healthy expression of feelings and ways to cope with change. Geared to second and third graders.

Taking Sides
– Norma Klein
Nell, 12 years old, adjusts to life with her Father and 5 year old brother after her parents’ divorce; Father is portrayed as a nurturing person.

What’s Going To Happen to Me? When Parents Separate or Divorce.
– Eda LeShan
In simple language many questions about divorce are answered. Which parent will you live with? Will your parents marry? Will they still be friends?

Don’t Make Me Smile
– Barbara Park
A young boy feels life will never be the same again after parents divorce; people try to cheer him up to no avail. He goes for professional counseling.

Books for Junior High (12-15 yr olds)

It’s Not the End of the World
– Judy Blume
Karen in the sixth grade, tries to understnad her parents’ divorce:goal is to bring them back together again.

The Kid’s Guide to Divorce
– J. Brogan and W. Maiden
An easy, conversational book that discusses the practical issues that effect children. Offers a questionnaire so kids can compare their answers with others who have taken it.

The Animal, The Vegetable, and John D. Jones
– B. Byars
Two teenage sisters visit Dad for vacation and discover Dad’s girlfriend and her son will be joining them.

The Divorce Express
– Paula Danzinger
A 14-year old girl lives in a joint custody situation. Problems arise when her mom plans to marry.

The Boys and Girls Book About Divorce
– Richard Gardner
The author speaks directly to boys and girls about the feelings they may experience when their parents get divorced.

In The Wings
– Katie Goldman
A young girl goes through stages of fantasy, denial, sadness and finally acceptance of parents’ divorce.

How It Feels When Parents Divorce
– Jill Krementz
A sensitive view of the experiences of children, mostly adolescents.

The Kid’s Book of Divorce
– Eric Rofes
Children and young teens (age 11-14) share their feelings and experiences on how their parents’ separation/divorce affected them.

Mom and Dad Don’t Live Together Anymore
– Katherine Stinson
A simple text with effective illustrations portraying the feelings of a young girl.
Books for Teens

Surviving Your Parents’ Divorce
– Charles Boekman
An informative in-depth book about factual and emotional aspects of divorce; discusses specific things adolescents can do to help themselves.

Coping When Your Family Falls Apart
– Dianna Daniels Booher
A “can do” book that offers plenty of suggestions to meet practical problems that face teens after the breakup.

How to Live With a Single Parent
– Sara Gilbert
A straight forward easy to read book about being an adolescent in a single parent family.

How It Feels When Parents Divorce
– Jill Kremintz
A sensitive view of the experiences of children, mostly adolescents.

The Day the Loving Stopped: A Daughter’s View of Her Parents’ Divorce
– Julie List
Julie tells about how she felt losing a day-to-day Father and the disruption of living two lives-one with Mom and one with Dad.

How to Get It Together When Your Parents Are Coming Apart.
– Irene Willis and Arlene Richards
A comprehensive “coping” book that addresses those needing help with the stress and confusion of parental divorce; includes an excellent section on legal aspects of divorce.

Kick a Stone Home
– Doris Smith
Sara Jane, 15 years old, still hopes her Dad will come home after a divorce. She hates visiting him and his new wife and harbors resentment about his remarriage.

Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant
– Anne Tyler
A story about two brothers and a sister who are deserted by their Dad and raised by their angry Mom; it moves through the stresses and joys of a difficult youth.

A Solitary Blue
– Cynthia Voight
A sophisticated sensitive story about a high school boy who resolves his feelings about his custodial father and his absent mother.

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