Theresa McCay Boutross, LCSW, CADC, CMFT

Theresa is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), Certified Marriage and Family Therapist (CMFT), Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor (CADC), Adoption Competent Therapist and Advanced Heart-Centered Hypnotherapist with over 23 years of clinical experience.  Theresa treats individuals, couples and families in her private practice in Winnetka, Illinois.

Located directly across from New Trier High School East Campus. Specializing in adolescent treatment makes her a priceless resource for many Chicago & North Shore Families.  She embraces Telehealth for her high functioning adult and adolescent clients to help support their busy lifestyles.

Theresa is a graduate of both Northwestern University and The University of Chicago.  She has extensive training from Northwestern Stone Institute of Psychiatry and The Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at The University of Chicago Hospital. Theresa uses her plethora of experience to assist clientele to reach their best functioning, which is always achieved by healing the relationship with themselves and those they are in relationship with.  This is true in home, school and work life.  She is often seen as a life coach as well as a mental health practitioner.

It is my honor and mission to help my clients move past what’s blocking them from reaching their full potential individually and in their relationships.

Using a variety of approaches to address her clients unique needs, she looks to best serve her clientele in the shortest amount of time, knowing that living your best life is more important than talking about it. Many successful treatment plans will utilize a foundation of cognitive-behavioral, dialectical behavior therapy and narrative & family systems therapy and then quickly move toward a tailored treatment plan, which is clearly presented when determining your individual and family goals. This approach will provide the necessary tools to help sustain the growth experienced in regular therapy.

Theresa often identifies as an educator of Neuroscience in the treatment of her clientele regardless of their age. This psycho-educational approach serves to address the acute presenting symptoms more quickly while increasing the likelihood of rewiring  thinking moving forward.

When my clients understanding how their brain functions they are able to understand the complexities of their behavior, thus providing them increased opportunity to  achieve their highest and best functioning.

In addition to being a prominent therapist, Theresa is a proud parent of two and the author of a children’s book, Forever Family: The Adoption Story.

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